Picture property of Mattel, Inc. 

MATERIAL QUALITY: Acceptable as usual with pink label Barbie dolls. I know Barbie's all about plastic but... C'mon, she's a collectible, a pink label one but a collectible after all. Mattel is getting so disappointing... She looks much better in the box.
HAIR: The original hairstyle is super cool but... be ready for one wash after another if you're thinking of restyling it.
FACE SCULPT: Well, let's say I didn't buy her for her face.
The whole thing's just a little bit too much. The dress and the jewelry are overcharged enough for a make-up so... too much.
BODY ARTICULATION: So basic it's boring. A doll only to look at... and she's not even that pretty.
CLOTHING: Yes, I bought her for her dress. It looked so enchanting on the website! But in the end what you get is a poor quality dress not even well sewn. I haven't tried it yet on any other of my dolls. Hopes are not too high, frankly.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Both the earrings and the shoes looked also promising but... they're just a fistful of not so well painted pieces of plastic.

BONUS: A plain doll stand... period.
VALUE 4 MONEY: Her price is low and it won't go any higher. You'd better invest your money in a worthier option, honestly.

IN OTHER WORDS: Don't buy her. But in case you do (or already did) and not in the mood for reselling, keep her IN the box, trust me. Why is her left hand SO big?

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