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A few months ago I got a longtime expected lot of Barbie dolls from the eighties: Peaches and Cream, Crystal, Angel Face, Dream Date, Magic Moves and Day to Night.

I was very excited to meet them all again for they are part of my childhood. However, as soon as I got them out of their boxes, I had to face two annoying issues I was not counting on: tape and rubber bands.

I knew that the boxes were not going to be in any great condition, and that was fine with me since I was already planning on getting them on a doll stand anyway. But, tape? I had forgotten about the tape!

After all these years, the tape had turned yellow and melted all over the beautiful Peaches and Cream nightgown. It was a huge disappointment to see it ruined that way. And what can I say about the rubber bands messing up the hair? They had lost all elasticity and turned into broken pieces of rubbish. I was desperate, but then...

Yes! Mattel's reproductions of Superstar, Peaches and Cream and even Rock Star dolls could be the perfect choice for my despair.

Luckily for all of us, these dolls are easily found pretty cheap. So, getting a few Superstar repros to use as models for the original outfits is the best of choices. Besides, you can always resell the reproduction fashions that come along with the dolls and get some money back.

IN OTHER WORDS: Like getting a Barbie doll for the first time back in the eighties: fabulous to play with and perfect for restoring original dolls from that era. However, as collectible dolls, the quality cannot be compared to that of most of Integrity Toys or Tonner dolls. Get them if you are in need of feeling that way again (you know what I mean)!

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