Picture property of Mattel, Inc. 

MATERIAL QUALITY: Not as good as it used to be anymore. Pure playline quality looking cheaper than it should, but still looks pretty acceptable in pictures.
HAIR: Good enough for restyling.
FACE SCULPT: Probably the most beautiful sculpt in the Fashionistas line.
MAKE-UP: Even better than some of the Basics line Barbie dolls'.
BODY ARTICULATION: A pivotal body perfect for playing with. However, the low quality of the material makes me think that it'll lose some rigidity eventually.  
CLOTHING: One of the coolest outfits in the Fashionistas line. It looks amazing on other dolls, such as Basics Barbie dolls.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Both the shoes and the bracelet look as cool as cheap.
BONUS: A ring for young girls is included.
VALUE 4 MONEY: A cheap playline doll worth getting, but remember: she's meant to play with and not to be collected, so don't expect that quality. 

IN OTHER WORDS: Playline Barbie dolls won't get any better than this one nowadays. If you're willing to get a Fashionistas doll, go for this one.

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