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MATERIAL QUALITY: Excellent as expected from an IT doll.
HAIR: Great quality though the original cut with the fringe can make styling a little bit tricky.
FACE SCULPT: You'll probably find it adorable if you're looking for a youngish face. But it's not as breathtaking as other dolls in the same line.
MAKE-UP: It's so soft that she seems to wear no make-up. The eyes are beautifully painted but yet not heart stealing.
BODY ARTICULATION: A fully articulated body that's perfect for posing and taking pictures of.
CLOTHING: Excellent quality. Easy to put on and take off. However the design is not as impressive as that of other dolls in the same line.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: The shoe boots are to die for. The foulard will probably look great in some of your own creations.
BONUS: Great packaging, a folio with Erin's story so far, a smart doll stand, and a set of spare hands.  
VALUE 4 MONEY: I got her surprisingly cheap, but if you're willing to pay the full price you may take a look at the rest of the line before choosing this one doll.


IN OTHER WORDS: Perfect for posing and taking pictures of. The fashion and accessories are ideal for using separately in your own creations. It's a Nu.Face doll which means she'll always be valuable. Get her only if you really like her face.

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