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Fashion Royalty dolls usually get the perfect package any doll could dream of. The box is made of a hard material that won't get crashed easily. Dolls are attached to the box by soft ribbons that prevent your beauties from getting damaged. Everything in the package is perfectly distributed, and you won't encounter many problems in case of reselling: you'll be able to offer a product pretty close to the unopened one.

Barbie Collector should definitely pay more attention to their packaging. On one hand, we get the excellent packages for Silkstone dolls (no complains at all about them). But on the other hand, we usually get a nice-looking doll in a box that easily turns into a nightmare of a doll trying to get rid of her chocking package. Those plastic attachments should be forbidden! It's not unusal to get awfully wrinkled clothing, and even tiny holes after cutting out the threads that attach the outfits to the box. It's not hard to understand why then there are so many people out there who prefer to keep their dolls in the boxes for showcasing.

These dolls get the worst packages ever! Being as expensive as they are, it should be at least much less complicated to get them out of the box. Plastic attachments are everywhere! Seriously, it takes more than a few minutes until your doll is free. In addition, there's nothing interesting at all about the packaging: so boring. Pullip's boxes are just that... boxes. Oh, yes, don't even think of getting the doll back in the box for reselling. Well, I guess you could but...

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