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Adèle Makéda Graphic Language was my first Fashion Royalty doll and her face remains as captivating as the first time I saw it. I remember I was pretty upset because I had no idea that her body was not fully articulated and therefore I couldn't get the pictures I really was looking for. However, what I got instead was an astonishing face sculpt that immediately became the center of some of the most beautiful close-ups I've ever got in a photo. She was the reason why I understood that Barbie will always be my past and the Integrity Toys' ladies... my future.

MATERIAL QUALITY: Ex-cel-lent. The texture of their bodies is perfect for taking pictures of.
HAIR: Amazing quality and so easy to restyle.
FACE SCULPT: She's one of THE FACES... period.
MAKE-UP: Of a perfect taste, including the fingernails.
BODY ARTICULATION: GoldStroke Adèle Makéda's got a fully articulated body that's perfect for posing and taking pictures of. Graphic Language Adèle is less articulated and more static. Fashion Royalty's fully articulated bodies are hard to beat by any other dolls out there.
CLOTHING: Excellent quality. Easy to put on and take off. The designs are not too impressive, though. It'll depends on your personal taste, but I personally think that GoldStroke's edgier.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Great jewelry and shoes to die for.
BONUS: Great packaging as usual, a smart doll stand, and a booklet explaining the story behind the doll.  
VALUE 4 MONEY: Getting a Fashion Royalty doll is usually a synonym of excellence, and this time is no exception. Both dolls are worth what they cost, and reselling is always guaranteed.   

FINAL RATING: Graphic Language

IN OTHER WORDS: Graphic Language Adèle's face is legendary but her body's not fully articulated. GoldStroke's face may be not so impressive but her body's a delight when the time for posing comes. Anyway, they're both perfect dolls for any collector.

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