Picture property of Mattel, Inc. 

MATERIAL QUALITY: Good playline quality, although the hands look too fragile.
HAIR: I've seen amazing things done to these girls' hair, however it doesn't quite work for me: I need more hair!
FACE SCULPT: The sculpts look all the same. Mattel should have paid much more attention!
MAKE-UP: It's cool and really defines each doll's personality..
BODY ARTICULATION: A pivotal body perfect for playing with. 
CLOTHING: In my opinion, it usually is the worst part of these dolls. Even the outfits that you can buy separately are not too appealing. True, sometimes you get a few cool fashion items but most of the time it's all a little bit Ok, whatever!
FASHION ACCESSORIES: There're plenty of them. Some are cooler than others but for a playline collection they're good enough. 
BONUS: It depends on the line you buy, but there's always something extra either for you or your doll.
VALUE 4 MONEY: They should be a little bit cheaper. They seemed to be a great investment at the beginning, when little girls all over the world went crazy for these dolls and they were sold out in many countries. Some time later, I don't think they're that worthy. 


IN OTHER WORDS: Cool playline dolls with a lot of potential... if you know how to get it out!

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