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The Lingerie line is a true (non)guilty pleasure for collectors, me included. Barbie doll looks as sensual as charming in her lingerie creations. I only miss a more articulated body so to get unforgettable poses for my personal photo album.   

MATERIAL QUALITY: It's SilkStone and I love it.
HAIR: Great both colour and length. Ok, it's just straight but... I guess it's the beautiful colour which prevents me from considering anything else.
FACE SCULPT: Such a challenging look in her eyes goes perfect for this line.
MAKE-UP: The grayish shades match the clothing
BODY ARTICULATION: Specially with the Lingerie line one misses a lot the doll not being much more poseable.
CLOTHING: It depends on wether you like or not lingerie creations. I do, so...
FASHION ACCESSORIES: The rounded earrings are perfect for the doll's whole look. I miss a little unexpected detail on the shoes so to say Wow! look at that!

BONUS: The usual plain doll stand.
VALUE 4 MONEY: SilkStones are always valuable dolls. Their price usually increases in time, which are always good news for collectors. The Lingerie line is specially appreciated among collectors, so these dolls are always a good investment. 

IN OTHER WORDS: The Lingerie line is a good choice to go for: charming dolls whose value is always up.

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