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MATERIAL QUALITY: Pretty good for a collectible doll. The hands are made of a softer material not as good as the rest of the body.
HAIR: Nice hairstyle straight from the factory. The quality of the hair is good.
FACE SCULPT: A childish look more mature than a Pullip one but much younger that one of Barbie's. I like her eyes using crystal instead of being painted. 
MAKE-UP: Soft and nice. Since these dolls are smaller than, for instance, a Fashion Royalty doll, I do think that this kind of make-up is much more suitable. I like it better than a Pullip's.
BODY ARTICULATION: A fully articulated body perfect for posing. The legs squeak from the very beginning.
CLOTHING: Great quality and design. The coat is a dream. However, the clothes are not easy to take off and put back on. 
FASHION ACCESSORIES: A lot of little details and goodies such as chains, charms, a choker, a brooch, a bag and sunglasses. I love the knee-highs, but the boots are a nightmare to take off.   
BONUS: The doll stand is cool but it's not easy to use.
VALUE 4 MONEY: The price of these dolls can vary a lot depending on what country you buy them. I found mine much cheaper in USA than in Europe. I don't know many people who collect them which makes me think that it's not a good investment.

IN OTHER WORDS: The clothing is really beautiful and the quality of the doll is correct, but the smaller size makes it difficult to combine styles with those of Barbie's or Fashion Royalty's. Once you get one there's probably no need for more.

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