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MATERIAL QUALITY: Ugly quality for a collectable doll. If we take them for what they actually are, playlines, then it's ok. 
HAIR: Ugly. After brushing it, you'll probably get more hair in your fingers than in the actual doll.
FACE SCULPT: A failed imitation of a Pullip's or Blythe's. Yes, the colour of their eyes changes many times when you press a rear button but... still ugly.
MAKE-UP: The ugliest ever
BODY ARTICULATION: A fully articulated and squeaky body that's perfect for posing and taking pictures of.
CLOTHING: The quality is not bad and the designs are acceptable. I've tried some of them on my Barbie Basics dolls and look cool. But paying so much just for standard clothing, it's just not worth it.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: A necklace here, a bag there... and where are the earrings? You get the holes in the ears but not the jewels? Why?
BONUS: Surprisingly, I prefer their packages than those of a Pullip. Oh, yes, you also get a doll stand and a booklet or character card (I don't remember it well since I gave it all to my niece. She loves Tangkou dolls, by the way, but only because I'm not going to buy her a Pullip any time soon so...).
VALUE 4 MONEY: If you like this sort of dolls, save a little bit and get either a Pullip or a Blythe. Don't waste your money in a Tangkou, it's not worth it at all.


IN OTHER WORDS: An ugly doll that just children who want to play with Pullips or Blythes and can't afford their prices should get. These dolls should be much cheaper considering their low quality. Just forget about them!


  1. I think u have it all wrong. These dolls are ment to be played with, and are very beautiful in every way. U just have a different opinion that is highly wrong to me. This statement u have made that these dolls are 'ugly' is not a fact.

  2. You're ruthless and I think your attitude is just UGLY!