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Recently I've been taking out of their boxes most of the SilkStones I was storing at my parents' due to a lack of room in my own place. Some cheers and some disappointments (and even a few what the f***!) are what I got... and, of course, one whole display cabinet full of dolls. So, here we go!

MATERIAL QUALITY: I'm a great fan of SilkStone material. I do believe that this Barbie line is one of the few that Mattel cares properly for. Thumbs up for SilkStone quality... or maybe not! (One of those what the f***! here): the ears get stained because of a chemical reaction of this material in contact with some metals (that of the jewelry, of course). Luckily this doesn't happen often. I had only heard about the Parisienne Pretty one having this problem, but Movie Mixer has it as well.
HAIR: The original hairstyle is awesome but... (second what the f...! here) Why do they use such a tight net to keep the hairstyle in shape? Sure none of us wants a beautiful original hairstyle to be ruined but... it actually got ruined anyway when trying to get that net out of the way! And yet one more thing: the hair was all frizzy once it was free from that net. Why? I had never encountered such a problem with any other SilkStone doll before. Bad luck? Not sure.
FACE SCULPT: She's absolutely pretty. Actually she's much prettier than in the original photo. Good news!
MAKE-UP: Very tasteful
. I love it!
BODY ARTICULATION: If they ever get a SilkStone doll to use a much more articulated body, they'll be at the top of my personal list of must-haves. Until then, Fashion Royalties are my favourite!
CLOTHING: Very elegant and great quality. I like it much more than in the photo. The ugly part is that Mattel insists in fully dressing their dolls, jewelry and accessories included, when putting them in the box; what you get from that absurd decision is: bracelets damaging gloves, shoes ruining stockings, and tiny rubber bands all over the place trying to keep everything in place. One of the best things about SilkStone dolls' packaging is that you get soft ribbons instead of plastic attachments to keep the doll in place, but then unexpectedly you find all these rubber bands that leave a mark on the clothing. Why do they do that?
FASHION ACCESSORIES: The jewelry is... strange. Now it looks cool, then it looks ugly. Don't know... The shoes are just OK. My favourite accessory is the handbag. 

BONUS: A plain doll stand... Why don't they put a little more creativity on designing doll stands for SilkStones?
VALUE 4 MONEY: SilkStones are always valuable dolls. This one in particular is not one of the most expensive you can find. Just make sure that you get a good price. If you think the price is too high, you'd do better getting some other SilkStone doll instead.


IN OTHER WORDS: She's not one of the most wanted SilkStone dolls, but she's a nice one after all. She looks much better out of the box than in the official photos from Mattel.

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