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I was very excited about this doll being released since the original Plantation Belle is one of my favorite vintage fashions. However, the final doll is a little bit disappointing. It seems as if the fashion was designed to be sold separately and they decided to include the doll at the last minute.    

MATERIAL QUALITY: My devotion for SilkStone material is no longer a secret as I confessed it openly many times already.
HAIR: The lack of a proper hairstyle straight from the factory allows you to style it the way you like most... if only it was a little bit longer.
FACE SCULPT: There's nothing impressive about it and nothing wrong either.
MAKE-UP: If you know how to do a makeover, do it
BODY ARTICULATION: We need a better articulated body to use with SilkStones!
CLOTHING: The dress is nice but... it looks unfinished!
FASHION ACCESSORIES: The jewelry is pretty original but the shoes are boring. 

BONUS: Once more, the usual plain doll stand.
VALUE 4 MONEY: SilkStones are always valuable dolls. Their price usually increases in time, which are always good news for collectors. This doll in particular isn't one of the most wanted but she's a SilkStone after all.


IN OTHER WORDS: A perfect doll for restyling and custom. A perfect disappointment for Plantation Belle fans. 

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