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I absolutely love this doll. The only thing I still miss is a more articulated body for SilkStone dolls. C'mon people from Mattel, think of doing something about it... now!

MATERIAL QUALITY: I love it! It feels like a TRUE collectible... and it's perfect for taking pictures of.
HAIR: The original hairstyle is so cool I'm afraid I will never see it otherwise. Great quality as usual in this doll line.
FACE SCULPT: Mature and elegant.
MAKE-UP: Tasteful
... period.
BODY ARTICULATION: As I've already said before, if they ever get a SilkStone doll to use a much more articulated body, they'll be at the top of my personal list of must-haves. Until then, Fashion Royalties are my favourite!
CLOTHING: In the style of old-time Chanel: perfect.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Nice jewelry, glasses and shoes. 

BONUS: A cute tiny bag with a miniature bottle of perfume, and... the usual plain doll stand. Where's the creativity on designing doll stands for SilkStones?
VALUE 4 MONEY: SilkStones are always valuable dolls. This one in particular has seen her original price increase considerably. If you find her at a pretty good price, don't hesitate and get her!


IN OTHER WORDS: She's one of my favourite SilkStone dolls and her value is increasing in time. Definitely, a must-have. 

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