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I can't describe what I've just felt a few moments ago when I got my package from AngelicDreamz (perfect shipping, by the way)and I opened it. I expected a box with a display plastic on the cover, since these are the only ones for Poppy Parker I had seen so far (guess these are for the smaller dolls). Instead, I got a huge spectacular hard box with pink ribbons featuring the Poppy Parker Fashion Model logo on the cover. When I opened it, well, I finally found THE PERFECT DOLL for me: this 16" work of art is meant to drive me crazy and definitely broke! I already know where my next euros are going to. She deserves all my money for she's instantly won my devotion. Maybe it's the size (can't wait to look forward to getting a smaller one), maybe it's her eyes and her mouth, maybe it's the high quality clothing and the perfect fashion accessories. Many doll collectors hate her, I know; but now I also know why many others love her SO MUCH!

MATERIAL QUALITY: Excellent as expected from an IT doll. Now in this bigger size, I appreciate it all much more!
HAIR: Superb, but you'll need to wash it if you're willing to restyle.
FACE SCULPT: Many people think it makes her look too insolent, but I personally find this sculpt as absorbing as gorgeous! 
MAKE-UP: Soft and tasteful. If she had more make-up on, she'd look clownish.
BODY ARTICULATION: A fully articulated body that's perfect for posing and taking pictures of.
CLOTHING: Perfect quality and design. Easy to put on and take off. 
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Perfect shoes, belt, gloves, bag and jewelry.
BONUS: Gorgeous both packaging and doll stand.  
VALUE 4 MONEY: Many collectors seem to be a little bit afraid of 16" dolls. The bigger Poppy Parker dolls are not as wanted as the smaller ones, yet they're an awesome investment.

IN OTHER WORDS: Poppy Parker's my favourite doll so far... period.

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