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MATERIAL QUALITY: I expected a better quality, honestly. Although it looks great on pictures, when you see the material live it's kind of disappointing. It seems it's going to break at any moment. 
HAIR: With that edgy colour and promising length I was not expecting such a low quality. As with the body, the hair seems too breakable to be styling around with. I've been told that other Pullip dolls have got better quality hair but I still need to see that with my own very eyes.
FACE SCULPT: As adorable and common as most of other Pullip dolls. Hate it or love it, but that's what you get.
MAKE-UP: I understand that customizing Pullip dolls are a big hobby for many people, but for those collectors like me who are not specially interested in those affairs, getting an original nice make-up straight from the factory is pretty important. That's not the case with Pullip dolls. All you will get is a straight make-up. 
BODY ARTICULATION: A fully articulated body that's perfect for posing and taking pictures of, but squeaks too much from the very beginning.
CLOTHING: Absolutely amazing quality. Pullip dolls are very well-known for their high quality fabrics and detailed fashion designs. Absolutely true, absolutely beautiful.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: The shoes are a tiny work of art, the tiara is cute, and the stockings are the icing on the cake.
BONUS: A miniature cute teddy rabbit and a nightmare of a doll stand.  
VALUE 4 MONEY: I always thought these dolls were a little bit expensive, now I can say that for sure: I find them too expensive for what you actually get. The good thing about Pullip dolls is that once you get one there's no need for more. And, yes, there's always someone ready to buy her if you're willing to sell.


IN OTHER WORDS: Perfect for posing and taking pictures of. The fashion is gorgeous. Buy it if you're an Alice fan or are wanting to get a Pullip doll. I expected to get more...

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  1. Wonderful and very attractive. I want to collect this lovely doll at PIJ. Love this Pullip very much.