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MATERIAL QUALITY: Pretty good for the price of this line.
HAIR: She's got one of the best haircuts in this entire line. Her hair is soft and perfect for restyling it.
FACE SCULPT: Absolutely gorgeous. One, if not the most, of the most beautiful sculpts in the Basics line.
MAKE-UP: It's not impressive but it's OK.
BODY ARTICULATION: The original pose is suitable enough for clothing to look fine on her, but that's all you'll get. Basic head, arms and legs articulations; but forget about elbows, knees or wrists. If you can get her head on a pivotal body, just don't hesitate.
CLOTHING: Being as simple as the little black dresses in this line are, this one is probably one of the nicest. Easy to put on and take off.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Cool shoes and a plain doll stand with no logo at all.
BONUS: Too basic for bonuses.
VALUE 4 MONEY: The affordable price of the Basics line is perfect for collectors who are willing to restyle Barbie dolls again and again without the guilt of using a sought-after piece of collection as a playing item. Don't expect the best of investments if you're thinking of reselling her for a much higher price in the future, though. 


IN OTHER WORDS: If Mattel had used the pivotal body all through the Basics line, we'd be talking about an outstanding doll here. But the limitations regarding the articulation are too restrictive. However it still is one great deal if you're in need of playing with Barbie and can't stand the Fashionistas doll line.

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