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MATERIAL QUALITY: Pretty good for the price of this line.
HAIR: They all three have got great long hair perfect for restyling again and again.
FACE SCULPT: The three sculpts are gorgeous. However, don't expect a typical Barbie face.
MAKE-UP: It'll probably work fine with most of the creations you can think of.
BODY ARTICULATION: Finally a pivotal body that should be used in the whole Basics line. Only three dolls to chose from... you can always change their heads.
CLOTHING: Very basic. Easy to put on and take off. This line is made to be played with so... get your favourite outfits ready! 
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Cool shoes, bracelets and earrings.
BONUS: Too basic for bonuses, just a plain doll stand.
VALUE 4 MONEY: The affordable price of the Basics line is perfect for collectors who are willing to restyle Barbie dolls again and again without the guilt of using a sought-after piece of collection as a playing item. However, these three pivotal dolls are getting much more expensive than their original price, for it's difficult to find pivotal Barbie dolls. If you're thinking of reselling them for a much higher price in the future, the 002.5 BASICS COLLECTION is the one to look for. 


IN OTHER WORDS: Affordable and poseable. What else could you ask for?

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