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MATERIAL QUALITY: Pretty good for a playline doll.
HAIR: They all use good quality wigs that you can exchange and restyle for an endless choice of possibilities. Instead of being bold, these dolls also have got painted short cuts.
FACE SCULPT: Except for the colour of their glass eyes and the skin tones, these dolls' face sculpts are practically the same.
MAKE-UP: Not much to say about it: very suitable for the childish look and easy to combine with any outfit.
BODY ARTICULATION: A fantastically articulated body, hard to find in playline dolls and perfect for posing.
CLOTHING: Easy to put on and take off. The quality of the materials is great and the design is cool as well. You can use most of the clothing in Barbie and similar dolls, which is always great if you like to restyle your dolls. 
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Earrings, chokers, necklaces, rings, bracelets, all sorts of shoes and boots, bags, and plenty of cute things for hair styling.
BONUS: Each doll includes accessories to play with depending on the theme of the collection.
VALUE 4 MONEY: These dolls should have been a success. Investing money in getting a few of them now that they won't be produced anymore and can be found pretty cheap could be worth the try. But I must admit that I'm not completely sure whether they will ever be a precious item for collectors to treasure. Only time will tell... 


IN OTHER WORDS: These dolls are amazing despite their lack of success. Maybe they should have been a collector item only for collectors since the very beginning. If only they had been produced in limited quantities...

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