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Since Barbie Collector is revisiting the Francie doll, now in a SilkStone body, I think it's time to review her myself. 

MATERIAL QUALITY: SilkStone or plastic? It's up to you. Luckily for this young beauty, the three reproductions as well as the new four ones use good materials. So, it's just a matter of personal taste. You won't be disappointed either way.
HAIR: Petty haircuts and timeless quality. Francie is getting a lot of love from Mattel.
FACE SCULPT: She's true fresh air running through the over-saturated Barbie sculpts. Kitty Corner's sculpt is delicious!
MAKE-UP: Just a little... here and there.

BODY ARTICULATION: Limited as usual, which is a pity for those of us who love to take pictures of their dolls
CLOTHING: They're all mainly 60's style, however they're all different and fun.
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Cool bags and shoes, hats and stockings. There are even some adorable pets.  

BONUS: The usual doll stand. Some Francie dolls include extra fashions and accessories.
VALUE 4 MONEY: SilkStones are always more valuable dolls than the reproduction ones. The Francie doll isn't an expensive item to collect, anyway. Don't expect her value to go much higher either.

IN OTHER WORDS: Francie dolls should deserve more attention from collectors. She's being taken good care of from Mattel, which means that you'll get a good item to collect.

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