Picture property of Integrity Toys, Inc. 

MATERIAL QUALITY: Excellent as usual with Fashion Royalty dolls. However, the skin tone of the body doesn't match the one used for the head, arms and legs.
HAIR: I love it: long, soft and easy to style.
FACE SCULPT: She actually looks much prettier live than she does in the official pictures.
MAKE-UP: Although I'm not a big fan of these sort of closed mouths, the make-up used for the eyes is so gorgeous that the lips don't matter that much.
BODY ARTICULATION: Being used to the awesome fully articulated bodies that are lately exhibiting the ladies from Integrity Toys, this one is half of the way: not as limited as the first dolls in the line, but not as articulated as the latest ones.
CLOTHING: The bathing suit is as simple as well designed, and its colour is simply fabulous. 
FASHION ACCESSORIES: A superb bag, a pair of edgy shoes, cool sunglasses, and crafted jewelry.
BONUS: A solid packaging, a great star shaped doll stand, and a card with the story of the doll.  
VALUE 4 MONEY: I got it for a surprisingly cheap price; but if I had to pay for the actual full one, I'd consider other choices. She's a great doll, but the Fashion Royalty line is crowded with more amazing girls to choose from.

IN OTHER WORDS: If you can get her for a reasonable price, don't hesitate. In case you must pay what she actually costs, you may want to consider other choices from the same line.

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